The Bordeaux Collective is a holding company with vested interest in various brands. TBC serves its brands as an incubator, building a network of vital companies and thought leaders.


The Bordeaux Collective was established in 2005 as a creative think tank launching creative based companies located in South Florida. We have since operated in 5 countries leading brand evolution in tech, fashion, media and retail.

Gravity is at the center of personal growth bringing leaders together to make a difference in their own lives, those in their closest circle and youth groups in need of guidance.

The personal brand of the founder of The Bordeaux Collective dives into his personal mission, vision and experience.

The Bordeaux fashion brand is currently working with international designers to bring a portfolio of luxury and tactical goods to market.




Customers and clients


Leaders coached


Million saved


We have teamed up with powerful and talented companies, brands and leaders

Working with ED.IT Group we guide manufacturers, start ups and entrepreneurs in mitigating risk and getting products to market.

The Bordeaux Collective & Justin Bordeaux are proud supporters of the political campaign for Florida Rep. Candidate for Congress Joe Millado

If you want the leading creative agency then you’ll want to connect with Savvy Outsourcing that has their finger on the beat of a massive get it done network.

It takes vision and courage to lead a business into the future, telling consumers what they want. It’s easy to give people what they want, but they don’t always know what they want, let alone need.

Justin Bordeaux
CEO & Founder | The Bordeaux Collective


The 904 Collaborative gets the most creative entrepreneurs, and driven individuals in a room to create an experience centered around igniting our passions, facilitating an open space for sharing creative ideas, where solutions are born, and innovative concepts are explored.

Comprised of creative industry leaders, The 904 Collaborative brings creative revolutionaries looking to connect, create and push the limits of creative evolution.

The Phoenix is a private business and political community looking for thought provoking growth and connections driven by an aligned vision.

A not for profit charitable organization helping the less fortunate get back on their feet.